Hello bloggers and WordPress !

This is my first blog that I am making for my arts and crafts,  for myself and my projects . I am young freelance artist and I adore drawing and crafting anything that comes out of my head. I have an online shop in http://www.Etsy.com where you can see my original drawings and ACEOs and handmade journals, tags and labels.

Feel free to experience some fresh arts and crafts in ExiArtsConceptWolds  shop in Etsy, like this mini pocket journal for art, fantasy and magic fans:


…or these useful handmade good quality gift tags with satin ribbons with colors by your choice:



..or drawings with unique animation-style colorful artwork decorations or collectables like this one:


From paper crafts to original artworks  I would love to serve your needs for quality handmade art products and even custom orders.

Here is the link to my ExiArtsConceptWorlds shop in Etsy:


I want to welcome myself in WordPress and in blogging at all. I feel that here I will find new friends ,  new customers  who would like my handmades and a lot lot of new experiences with new people!:)))

Voila and bon voayage to me and my Etsy shop in WordPress!

Thank you for welcoming me!

Hristo Hvoynev


17 thoughts on “Hello bloggers and WordPress !

    1. Ooo Dear Debra!!! I am glad to see you in my blog and thank you for the visit!
      As alwas you tripple my inspiration with your words and you make it From Across The Oceans!
      I will soon make another blog post talking about my drawing and crafting habits and how I love to make things for my shop.


  1. Welcome to my Exiarts blog too! 🙂 It is also amusing for me to meet new artists and crafters. You all people make my inspiration doubled and I learn a lot from you! 🙂


  2. Welcome to WordPress, and you have a very nice Etsy site also! Will be exploring more soon. Love your illustrations… Keep up the great work! And keep at it with WordPress. I have sometimes found it difficult to navigate, but being patient and persistent helps. I have been on it for one year now and am still learning.


    1. Thank you sassmuffins ! Welcome to my shop! 🙂
      It is also little hard for me to navigate but I guess we all learn in the process of making a blog debut.
      I am sure I will use to it. 🙂


    1. O! I am surprised! So we also may reblog some posts from other blogs!..This is amazing! Thank you callmeclevervintagegoods!


  3. I try to make a point to comment if the topic is something I can relate to. I’m not altogether comfortable with blogging or marketing at all for that matter, but I am giving it a go anyhow. I was wondering who went crazy spreading the love.


  4. Hey Linda! Thanks for returning the favor! And thanks for commenting also! I feel having a blog is very ingaging and I like it a lot. they said it was the best way and its the best fun online and they were right 😛
    I found your blog link in a team thread and I am glad to welcome you in my blog!
    Going to heart yours also. 🙂


  5. Welcome…I’m glad you decided to pop over and follow me, favor returned. Now I will go have a peek at your Etsy shop and drop a few hearts over there. Best wishes for much success. Linda


  6. Thank you so much Cindy! Your post was very informative for me! I will have to develop my blog more and to start posting more often! I like your blog- you have made it coherent,your posts are gorgeous and you have all kinds of links to other social media!


  7. Congratulations on starting your blog! It will probably change a lot as you figure out how you want to use it best. That tiny book in your banner is so cute!

    One site I like to recommend for new art blogs is http://illustrationfriday.com/ . Every Friday there is a new word to illustrate, and if you make a post about your entry, you can submit it there. Several hundred artists from all over the world, all different skill levels, play each week. Then, you can go visit the work of other artists for inspiration. And if you comment about other people’s work, they might come back to your page and comment, and that’s how I started to get more visitors to my blog. Sometimes it takes a while for people to find you, but don’t get discouraged. Good luck with it!



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