I inspired to make my new notebook series called ‘Ancient Runes’

Hello bloggers and fans! Hello to all!

I am excited today to make a blog post about my new line of notebooks which I call ‘Ancient Runes’.It is a series of notebooks I started making last week when I had a burst of inspiration.

I have always wanted to make some notebooks or sketchbooks with viking and celtic runes. I love runes since I was a child and I remember how I loved reading fantasy books with some runes in them or watching a documentary telling about ancient runes in world’s history. I am also a big fan of J. R. R. Tolkien’s ‘The lord of the rings’ book where he has written about runes of elves and dwarves and their ancient languages. I have read that he has also taken many rune details from the ancien viking and celtic runes.

Those are the first three notebooks I made last week. They are with mini and small measures. The one with the tree on the front cover is 1.7 x 2.2 inches, the biggest one is 2.7 x 4 inches and the one that is lying infront of the other two is with sketchbook design and is with japanese binding- it is 2.1 x 3.3 inches.


Links for these three little notebooks in my store:




My intention was to firstly create some small and mini notebooks which may be used as some travel notebooks or may be used as address books or pocket notebooks where you may write down important information while you are outside or traveling somewhere. Addresses, email addresses, names, phone numbers and anything that you would want to have always written down somewhere ready to be seen and used from the pages of the small notebooks.

I  wanted to start drawing runes on some of my paper crafts. So I searched the internet and I found many ancient viking and celtic runes and I started binding my new notebooks and then I draw them with those runes. I also wanted the notebooks to have some interesting designs and I made also detail framing on the front covers where people would write down some title or something they want to mark their notebooks for what they would use them. I also wanted the fron cover to have some brown frame between the rune zones and the middle of the covers.


Those two notebooks I were the first I made with bigger measures- they are 4 x 5.8 inches. As you can see most of the notebooks from this series is with yellow pages because I like them to have  even more colorful feeling and I hope they will bring excitement every day to the people who would use them. The one in left is dedicated to Celtic  people and the one in right is dedicated to Viking people- the viking one also has two axes on the front cover and a viking helm.

Links for these Celtic and viking rune notebooks in my Etsy shop:




Xoxoxo..I love this green one! I call it ‘Earth notebook’ and I have dedicated it to Earth and to people who love nature and it’s marvelous colors. I wanted it to have Earth feeling and the colors resonate with this. Green for the forest, brown for the wood and the soil ground and blue for the coolness of the sky:)

Link for this notebook:


And there it is!……


My first ever made bigger drawing cketchbook with my own design. I bound it with japanese binding- I love this type of binding- it has beautiful outlook and I adore binding something  by this way. The process of binding a notebook or sketchbook is always so fun and inspiring! And when you see the finish of your work you feel happy and excited!


I wanted this sketchbook to be with mixed yellow and white pages. It has 40 pages and it’s measures are 6 x 8.3 inches. I draw a structure resembling very much Stonehenge in Great Britain. It is dedicated to celtic people from ancient times who has built the real Stonehenge and who has given their prays to the Sun ! The Sun that has created both the people who have built Stonehenge and the stones that were used to build it….


You can see the thikness of the hardcovers on this picture. I made this design of sketchbook to be with hardcovers. Here again I have drawn some framing with green leaves where you may write down your sketching project title or something you may want to title with your drawing sketchbook.

Link for this sketchbook in my shop:


And  the back covers of the series:



At the back covers of all notebooks of the series ‘Ancient runes’ I desided to leave only my shop logo ExiArts and so that most of the attention to be cathced by the front covers and their colorful design.

This line of notebooks is dedicated to all those ancient people who were creating these runes and they were the creators of one of the first alphabets in our world’s history.

Feel free to look through these notebook series and many more crafts and arts in my shop in Etsy.com:


I hope you like my new line of paper goods:) Please don’t think that the notebooks that i showed you here today will be the only crafts from this series. I will soon craft many more notebooks and other journals with runes for all fans of ancient languages, history of our world and paople who love fantasy or colorful creations! Xoxoxo

I will continue crafting and drawing! As above so bellow. Xoxoxox

Hristo Hvoynev


2 thoughts on “I inspired to make my new notebook series called ‘Ancient Runes’

  1. Wow LaLindaArtStudio! You know I have a drawing with stone buildings resembling ancient Mayan ruins type of structures! 🙂 !t has never been released and I will immediately post it as a blog post for you to see :)))
    I am so glad I read such a comment in my blog! I am just amazed that someone who would love this culture of ancient tribe times with so much wisdom and mistery in their world from once upon a time..
    I will just post my latest blog post with the picture of never released befoire photo of one of my first drawings with ink and color poencils! Thank you for commenting LaLinda :))) Xexexe 🙂
    I so muich love Mayan and Incas and Peru and all those ancient realms of whole different cultures and wisdoms gathered in a nutshell of so little place on Earth.


  2. Your little notebooks are too cute for words, well not too cute for tiny words ; )

    I love when I get a burst of inspiration, except it is usually when I am trying to go to sleep. I am going to visit some Ancient Mayan ruins in Cozumel and Costa Maya Mexico in December. I am amazed at how they carved and moved those gigantic stones without modern machinery.



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