Drawing arts and my handmade crafts is my passion

My name is Hristo.
I have lived whole my life in Bulgaria and in the worldwide known vivid mountain of the Rhodope in south Bulgaria.
I have always tried to draw with pencil since I was a child. In a january morning in 2013 I started drawing again after a couple of years pause. I started to be interested in arts even more and now I want my creativity to last my whole life!

Walking in mountains and tenting there is realy inspiring and I have always loved Nature and it’s marvels! This has always inspired my imagination anf I had oftenly found myself wandering in some fantasy world. Maybe this is because I love fantasy arts and movies and all kinds of epic novels, stories, fairy tales and science fiction also.
I discovered that I also adore making something with my hands and especially paper things. I love the touch of the paper and I also have always loved to write and draw on quality made paper products.

I wanted to make my own crafts that I wished to paint myself and to find better designs for the different products. I usually like to imagine what exactly is the final look of the item I want to craft according to my inner and outer inspiration throughout the day.
Many times, when I start creating in my artist day, I wish to make a product made of reclaimed natural materials like wood from fallen trees from the forest. Natural materials are always great and fun to craft with and I also explore all different materials-natural ones as well as quality paper and cardstock supplies.
I make my crafts with passion and care of details and the quality of the handmade finished product. I am developing more and more new designs and lines and I am also introducing my own package wrapping of some of the crafts.


I decided that I can develop my drawing skills when I had an inspiration burst in one sunny february day 2013 when I draw three ink drawings and I got very excited about it. I suddenly knew then that the thing I would like to do most in my life is to draw and lately craft anything that comes out from my imagination- and I have a lot of it in my mind. 
When my father saw my first ink and color pencil drawing he said it was awesome and he had never thought that I can draw so good. I told him that I did not know that also- five years before that I had drawn only 3 pencil drawings and that was it. I had never thought that I could make ink and color pencils before! My father seemed very amazed and he even started joking that he could take those drawings and sell them on the grossery market. Hahahah- I remember then how funny it sounded to me and how I had not any idea that some day I would actually sell my artworks and crafts on the internet and in real life-well not at the grossery of course.
A day after showing my first drawing to him my dad told me ‘Why don’t you really sell them somewhere-many people would like them..Heh..We are gonna make you an artist you know..Hehehe” -then I laughed a lot but I couldn’t know how right he was-in the following months I actually became a free-lance artist and that was already my new dream-to express my inside imagination onto the white drawing paper and to show my arts to people who would like my style. I could do this whole my life and I love it!!!
Then I found Etsy.com! This website for selling arts, handmade crafts and all kinds of supplies was one of the first mentioned in the internet for being relevant for showing arts to different people all over the globe. I slowly began to build my shop there and people were following me at the very beggining – many people were messaging me that they love my drawings. That was the biggest excitement I have felt in the recent years. All those people were encouraging me to continue drawing and this was inspiring me even more, my pulse was going high, my dreams were awakening from my childhood.
And my life as an artist had begun!

Later on developing my shop in Etsy I began crafting some paper goods as I love paper, books, pages, covers, different texture papers and I started crafting some handmade journals , gift cards, gift and price tags and other paper products.

Thank you for having your attention! ❤

Hristo Hvoynev ツ

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