An insight for ‘Beautiful craft of bookbinding’ on

Last night I discovered interesting website called .

Here is some information about it I found in this link-

‘What Can You Do With It?

Here are are some practical ideas that people have already come up with on how to put to good use:

  • Create a simple webpage for a single topic.  If you are teaching about a specific topic (a holiday, country, person, etc.) in some depth, you can aggregate articles on the subject matter on one page.  See here about a teacher who used it to make a Ground Hog’s Day page.
  • Publish a magazine for colleagues or like-minded types on what you think are interesting or pertinent topics.  An example can be found here as well as links to other useful web applications.
  • Organizing in one location materials that you might use across different classes.  You can use a page to aggregate educational videos, online quizzes, spelling resources, and other similar stuff.  These guys/gals can show you how to do it.
  • If you are teaching about an active news item, you can use curation tools to create a page that is constantly updated with the latest items on the topic.  Here is more about how to go about doing that.
  • Or use it to create your own lightweight, low-maintenance blog with automated content addition.  Take a look at this page maintained by this teacher.’

I liked the very idea of the site and I liked also that I may search content about my interests and then say my insight about it.

Isn’t it awesome?

So here it is how it looks. This is my first scoop in my profile. I searched some ttopics for bookbinding and I stumbled upon this great quote and then I wrote down my insight about the topic..Enjoy reading!


 ‘Beautiful craft of bookbinding | Bluestone Magazine

Beautiful craft of bookbinding | Bluestone Magazine | Who loves bookbinding or handmade journals and books? |

 In an age of Kindles, tablets and iPads, there is something wonderfully romantic about binding, preserving and restoring old books. Murray Simper is in the same league as cobblers, tailors, botanical artists, knife-sharpeners …

Hristo Hvoynev’s insight:

I am Hristo from Bulgaria, I am an artist and a crafter.

I was amazed  and thrown into  hilarity by this quote of  Bluestone Magazine.

I love the feeling of binding a journal-a blank book, a book to be someone’s journal, a book made with my hands, made with love, knowing this paper will be filled with thousands of words or hundreds of drawings or sketches…;)))

Bookbinding has some very Zen feeling, strong spiritual experiance of as if making something for hundreds of years to pass. The feeling of binding, towards the end of the process, is like you know that the book will last thousands of years….

This feeling is hard to describe… ‘

I hope this article was fun and informative for you!

Wish you great night and Happy Incoming Holidays!




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