Inspired today to craft my latest ideas!

Hello readers and fans!

Today I was inspired to craft again after I was in 4 day holiday in a villa cottage with some friends in the bulgarian town of Troyan.

I got home yesterday and today I am back on the deck with some of my planned craft projects.

I had made last month two covers for another birch bark cover journal ready to be made, but I didn’t have time to finish it due to orders in Etsy and also univercity and other daily jobs. Well today it is done! It has 240 pages to be filled with words or drawings. Here it is finished:

Birch barc cover journalBirch bark cover journal

After I finished it I wanted to make new design for a notebook that I had idea for in the recent weeks. Since I love bark nature materials I wanted to use some birch bark for my notebook series also so this is the final result:

Birch barc detailed handmade notebook


It has 40 pages.





Handmade notebook with birch bark

I also made a packaging for that notebook and also wanted to have a little piece of birch bark on the wrapping:

Handmade packaging for a birch bark notebook

And also the other side there is a piece of barch to hold the envelope for easy pull out of the notebook:


I am now back to the deck to finish a sketchbook I have started that is also a new design. I wanted to make bigger sketchbooks so this one will be from e bigger series of sketchbooks.

After having fun showing you my latest crafts I am going now to make holes on that sketchbook and will soon sew it with thread.

I wish you great exploring night and much inspiration during the week!


Update for the sketchbook:

I made it! 🙂 This sketchbook has 60 sheets which is 120 pages. Here it is:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOrange handmade sketchbook journal

I hope you like those crafts and they made you feell inspired! 🙂




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