It is spring coming? Or just why I desided to write this post!

I can see it in the view…I can sence it in the vibe! Clouds gather as a clearance day. Spring birds are singing?!

Clearance of all the dynamic occurances in the world global stage, where we live here and now!

Feeling excited to know soon spring will come , with all it’s rain, coming to remind us we all need a new beginning after the long cold winter and want spring to come..

And ye, not yet everywhere is spring any near…There are lots of places where winter is at it’s full potential. It is deeply thrilling and  interesting, very exciting, how strange the world is! While you are there, wherever are you , I am here thinking how you are there, where your mind can bare the info that I’m bringing! Believe or not,  if you are now blinking at  a moment of future reading for me, while I was writing in the past in the point of view of you reading?

My mind is full of thoughts and inspirations recently and I am understanding I have came into the online world, and I am meeting a lot of people already.

I need to try wryting to the people who are following me, who I very much respect, and to the all those who may be seeking some interests from me if they might observe me some bad powers, who I shall say, must not bother my DNA..and hey! I love poets day!

Nice to be engaged with you the age, the teen, the twin, the grandpa or your being! All people here around, I will to you be bound, because my love, shall know, the world of God!

We are one.




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