New crafts in my Etsy shop, my 2015 plan!

So I decided to share my goals for 2015 and here they are:

My most important point in my strategy for 2015 is to make customer service even faster and to better connect with my fans and customers online.


I also want to make professional packaging for my crafts and also start empowering my brand with logo and more enticing branding. I will print new business cards too and will leave empty spaces on them where I want to handwrite my ‘Thank you’ note to the customers and also some coupon codes.

Handmade cork sketchbook with 200 pages

My plan for this year includes to make new journal and sketchbook designs for my existing product lines and also some new lines. Next I want to make an inspirational and occasional gift cards line with my drawings.

PicMonkey Collagelll

Another important step for me this year will be to make my personal website with a personal paid domain. this will allo me to be seen by much more fans and probable customers in Google.

What I will do for my working environment is to better prepare myself with materials and more instruments for bookbinding and cutting and also make a bit fatser my crafting proccess although I already have a system for this.

My latest World map sketchbook design. Travel and sketch, write and travel!

I want to start selling more supplies and most importantly more home decors- frames, pencil holders, art decos, bookmarks, wooden decorated boxes and more.

And not on final place I want to make better myself at being an Etsy seller and make whatever I can to best satisfy my customers and fans! May this year brings us a great success!



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