I had my 290th sale in Etsy! Let me offer exclusive coupons!

Today I had my 290th sale in Etsy! It is already time to celebrate!


I want to thank all of my customers for your support and to all of the people who follow me and are fans of my arts and crafts!!! You are those to drive me inspired! You show me that my art and handmade creations worth it and are here to stay and be further developed in the future!

I would like to offer to any of you who have never purchased something from my handmade Etsy store.

With coupon code ECOCRAFTS you will get one time discount of $15 for any purchase bigger than $20.

Feel free to use the coupon now in my online store:


For those of you who have already been my customers I offer coupon code CUSTOMERS that will give you %20 OFF any of your next orders.

I have many things in my plans, but my main objective is to serve and do my best to fulfill orders for my customers and to sustain my shop and tax needs.

But further in the future when I have more financial mobility, I would love to make my first Ink and Pencil Arts Album. This shall be something of a high quality prints of all of my arts and included in-Album info. This all will be filled in a big sketchbook album.

As I recently also mentioned, a team of three people including me, will create the first official ExiArts website. There will be installed my own online shop, but of course I will always sell my arts and goddies in Etsy too!

Thank you!




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