A poll about an exclusive box craft full with handmade crafts!

Hello folks!

I would please you to answer my poll today! Please help me better understand what you need when it comes about stationary and sketching and writting deck needs!

I wanted to make a fun poll for you and me and also to test how it  will work in my blogging. I do not write oftenly but I try to move things here so you are more oftenly informed about my crafting arts and future plans?

So today we have a poll about a box I want to craft in the future. The box will be handmade and I want to choose with you what are the best handmade crafts that deserve to be in a stationary box for our decks and writting or sketching needs.

You can also include your own answers – imagine what would you like to see in such an exclusive box?

Here is the poll:

It will be super fun and challenging for me to see your answers and try to design the best ExiArts box stationary pack to offer in my Etsy shop.

Thank you!






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