In your working process create your system to have better productivity

Are you a crafty person who loves creating products? Does your productivity suffer because of many different tasks at hand?

You need to craft ten items for some of your customers and you wonder where to start from?

You have to create your system of working processes for much better level of productivity and systemising your tasks so that you can make them in separate operations.

I handcraft many different designs of journals for my customers in Etsy. For better, faster and professional customer service I develop constantly new processes for my system of crafting for finishing operations on time and more efficently.

Firstly I gather all the information for contacting all my materials suppliers- in the brick and mortar shops, online and via email. I make forecasts for my future sales and I order bulk materials so I do not lose time on multiple shopping events.

Secondly I orginize my attelier, working deck, instruments and materials storages so that it is the most efficient for my way of crafting goodies. I look to make things so that I make my work the fastest possible without undermining my end product quality. The point here is to organize your workspace and workstuff as close to each other in an easy system of consistent small operations – from the beginning to the end of your work process of whatever you create and must finish on time.

My third element of my system consists of many separate operations I have managed to make efficient for my process such as:

  1. Making samples for each craft covers, card blanks, sheet cuts -different standart formats I use like A3 , A4, A5 or other measures I have in my designs. With this system of samples I manage to cut the materials for orders faster, easier and without losing time for organizing this task every time when I have to start it. This also saves time from procastinating while we try to organize our starting of work.

  2. I separate my operations and I start with the first operation needed for many crafts for orders. I make first cutting of all the covers needed in different measures (for the orders of my customers) then I cut the fabrics needed, then I cut the sheets needed and so on..

3. When I do all of these first steps for assembling any journal or sketchbook I am ready to continue crafting each one of them separately – one by one I sew, glue and bind all the materials – here I make  every craft separately because of personalizations and speciffics of each designs. After saving time from the first operation of my system I am able to pay attention to each single customer’s preference and to the details of each separate design.

  1. While working on your projects every day you will be able to discover new ways for optimizing all of your operations and adding new ones in your crafting/working system.

One week ago I got a great idea!

I was  struggling with finishing my materials faster while I create new designs and keep up with crafting for my customers. Many times I had to postpone new designs because my materials weren’t always enough for making new products. So last week I got the idea for systemising my new product development.

I decided that I can craft each new design in the smallest standart format I usually use for crafts- the A6 measure whioch is 4 x 5.8 inches or 10 x 15 cm. This way I would save four times more materials in my product developments than when I made each design in the most prefered A4 format. I already started crafting much more faster new designs I have had only in sketches before.

With my new way of crafting I am able to craft journals or sketchbooks- depending on what is needed.


So I made many pre-cuts of papers for pages, of covers and of fabrics for my new constant design format- A6. Now I am ready to always take some materials pre-cuts and start my next new design! I start easily and I have more time to think on the design itself and I do not worry that my materials would finish fast… 4 times slower they finish now!

Thus my system is working better for me with each new operation or systemized task I add in it!

Bellow you can see two of my latest designs made with my new crafting system.

Two of my latest designs I made with my new system for crafting new designs. I love these small cuties!
A6 format is the best way for me to keep creating fresh designs!
Coptic binding will be in my binding pack of techniques for long time 🙂 Love it!
You can personalize all of the colors for the covers and for the inside covers. You can choose the color for your thread binding too! 🙂 It is Hristo and ExiArts
The best part of this type of bookbinding is that it is so beautiful! And also it makes the journals super easily opened and comfortable!



Thank you for reading and for watching my crafts!





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