Spring has brought fresh designs in my head! Sneak peek..

Spring has begun so fast here and everything got green in just two weeks. Blossoming, aroma therapy around, birds singing and blue sky or the rainy day altogether bring me new inspiration and fresh designs in my head. I feel that I have accomplished something in the last three days. I made some new handmade journals and wanted to show you something like sneek peek pictures. These will not be final product photos but I hope you see well what I created for your journaling or sketching.

If it was just for selling crafts I would never create these products-more than the need of money to sustain myself is what drives me courageous to so sell and makes me crafty and creative. People who care about my works- my fans and customers make what is the best feeling of accomplishment- feeling I have served well to the people who have trusted me!

I alweays listen to my customers and fans who oftenly give me feedbacks and suggestions so we together create these new designs.

PicMonkey Collage1
The pages of thiese A6 journals (4 x 5.8 inches or 10 x 15 cm.) are 100% recycled Xerox papers that are fine for dry media like pencils, pastels, also ink pens or markers.
I assembled some live green branches from some pine family plants and wood, nuts and moss for making tonight these photos.


Some photos are already chosen to be part of my campaign to promote eco friendly products that use organic and eco-freidnly materials.

I recycle all of my home and crafting rubbish- the one that can be recycled always goes into the recycling bins!

I want to offer to you products that are eco-friendly so I use lots of rganic materials.

Sketchbook with 100 pages.
Coptic bound journal with colored pages. Can be personalized.
This design is not yet sewed thus not finished…But here is the sneak peek.. 🙂

DSCN3603-001 DSCN3599-001

I am interested to see your feedback or suggestions if you have some. Would be fun for me to know what you think!


Thank you for looking my post!


May this spring night of May be blessed for you!






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