Starting anew during the Full Moon on 1st of July !

Hello people! I hope your summer is greatly expanding your hearts and spirits in the light!

It was the Full Moon on 1st of July and the next one is exactly at the end of the month- on 31st of July!

Astrologysts say that the month will be full steam ahead and wonderful things will happen with great potential and opportunities!

I can say for me it seems to be the case indeed. 🙂

After finishing my last year in university ( studying marketing ) in June I am noiw fully crafting for my Etsy customers and also developing some new crafty products. I want to show you a sneak peek.

I will list later tonight this book in Etsy.

DSCN3770-001 DSCN3769-001 DSCN3768-001
It is one of my latest handmade craft designs made of organic materials. I strive to create exclusively eco-friendly journals and crafts using 100% recycled papers for pages, eco-friendly glue, natural linen farbrics and threads.

I already write the Data Base for our incoming website in September. Me and my friends Kristi and Marto ( who are a couple ) are developing my first official website and this will be their first official website designing and developing after we three graduated in June.

The were learning Business Informatics and myself- Marketing.

I am not so good with marketing but I strive to be better in crafting! :ello_smiley:

But marto and Kristi know exactly what they are doing with website development. I will only write the Data Base and will help them with all the information needed , with the design and the layout , also with the special touch for my first official website.

Untill we develop it further I am busy with crafting for my customers in Etsy and I also find some time for designing new products in my small home studio.

See you folks!

May your day be in the light!




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