New drawings inspired by the Vikings and the North

DSCN4135-001I inspired to draw these two original aceo arts by the Northern lands of the ancient Vikings and Celts and also the Alps and the Himalaya. Every time when i draw a drawing for my fantasy world called Exzdourn I inspire by the past and the present- the history of Humanity and the spirits of Nature.

Cross-Norths outpost is located in the shores of the Eternal Ocean in the Realm of Exzdourn. The Realm needs protection by the Dark lords and Dark Elementals who want to controll the continets in the realm but have never been able to controll most of the parts. Thanks to the Brotherhood between the Dawrves , the Humans, the Elfs and the Magic Elementals ( who are good in heart and intentions) the people and the lands of the Realm are protected in most of the parts.
Thousands of outposts guard the lands and many other cities and villages feel well under the protection of the Brotherhood.

Cross-Norths outpost is a cosy cottage where magicians of the good races gather and save the day.



Aceo art
‘Cross-Norths outpost’ original drawing


”Once the sky touched the land and wind flew trought the sun light and then Exalted Hights Peak was born. The Gods were making meetings , there had been a legend, and then on the highest mountain range – where Exalted Hights Peak has become the 14 000 years old outpost of the Dawrves , the Higher-Air Elfs and the Ancient Elementals.
For once in 7 times in the Universe History had only God Ertherniael himself appeared in a meeting of that kind in the mountain! He had remained a part of his spirit around the Exalted Hights Peak outpost area. That building is not the only part of the whole some-sqare-kilometers higher parts of the outpost. Parts of castles built in the similar waycan also bee seen nearby. For them it is yet to be discovered artful artefacts from the Spirits of the Gods…

Leggeridge Mountain- a Master Range Megalith had twiced the years of the Cross-Norths outpost in its hights- measured with meters. The range was master mountain creation of all the Gods.”

Original aceo art
‘Exalted Hights Peak’ original aceo drawing

I hope my arts will inspire you too and will remind you of the spirits of Nature and Arts!




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