Renovating the blog! Huraiii!

Hello there!

I hope I find you well and happy in your souls!

HuraaaiiI! I finaly started to renovate this blog so that both you and me have better times reading and wandering in it!

This post is about the new look of my blog. Since Yesterday I am renovating the blog’s look and some of the content because I never did it the right way – the way I imagined it. But at the beginning it was hard for me to learn well to operate with WordPress and to find the best look according to what ExiArts is and according to what I wanted it to look.


Now I already understand WordPress enough so I can make the blog site look more professional and finished. Although it will never be finished as I will add content regularly. Well I like the result as the site is now more clear designed and looks easy to browse and orient where is everything one needs to find.

I hope that you like the new look of this blog and aslo some of the new menus like ‘The realm of Exdourn’ and ‘Testimonials’. The Realm of Exdourn is the place where I will add arts and information from the story of my Fantay world I have called Exdourn. Ever since I have started drawing arts with inks and color pencils I create parts of a Fantasy realm from my imagination. I am great fan of Fantay and I would love to share with you the story of my Magic world!

If you have any suggestions and would love to share them please leave a comment below this post or contact me via menu ‘Ask a quetion’.

Well, I am going to finish a hanmdade journal for one of my repeating buyers now. Her name is Candace and I am thankful that after ordering some of my art prints last year her second purchase two days ago was a burlap journal with hand dyed coffee pages- which I will now go to finish, package and ship to her address.

I feel so blessed and excited to be able to write to you in my new blog! Thank you all for reading my writings and for visiting the new pages of ExiArts!

Be blessed!







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