The story of the realm of Exdourn


Hello Folks!

I continue building the website of ExiArts and something I feel proud to have started today is ”The story of the realm” menu  in ”The Realm of Exdourn” base menu.

And what the story is about?..

The Realm of Exdourn is one of the Worlds in an Elemental Universe where Creation has started the grandest of the experiments with Energy, Matter and Spirit. 

Thousands of Ages ago the Creator Himself  breathed his Energy into the vastness ofSpace and Exdourn and other Worldsbegan to form in the presence ofCreatoir’s Spirit. Spirit and Energy slowly ejected matter via the Vortex Blasting Explosions.

DSCN0767 In many many Ages billions of Etherial Worlds were born out of Energized Elementals- Fire, Rock, Air, Water and Photon Light Spirits -Ayadroid Spirits and Kayadroid Spirits

The rest of the story will be continuously updated in the future and I will try to publish in it new content every day.



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