New Driftwood pieces with Live Moss

Hello folks!

I would like to congratulate all United States citizens for their Independence Day of 4th of July!

I also like to wish all of you an amazing month of June!

Today I would love to show you some of the most unique pieces of driftwood I have found in a forest.

This time I was searching not just for driftwoods but ones that have Live Moss hosted on them.

Here are some of the pieces I have gathered and listed in my Etsy shop for you to be able to have them as decoration.



This is a naturally formed driftwood with unique surface formed in a forest in the Rhodopes Mountain in Southern Europe- country Bulgaria. This piece of wood has been formed in many years and time has exposed the inner parts of the old tree. Now this wood is also a home for some Live Moss!
This piece of wood is perfect for an art crafting. It is an art itself.
The piece is light and strong and tight at the same time. Feels great at touch!

If you mousture the barks 2 times a week the Live Moss will sparkle Life Magic in the environment around and this will bring you a piece of mind, zen feeling and closeness to nature.

DSCN6371-001 DSCN6351-001 DSCN6377-001 DSCN6388-001 DSCN6392-001 DSCN6393-001

I hope you will enjoy the marvelous pieces of wood I have found in the forest.

DSCN6358-001 DSCN6361-001





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