I will miss summer!

Hi Friends!

I am in an autumn mood but I miss the Summer.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to walk in nature this Summer and I also took some gifts from the forest.

Here what I found..

This piece of driftwood which is home to live moss is one of the most astounding gifts I have found in the forest..

Me and my father wanted to find out what unique moss driftwoods we would find in the area of Smolyan lakes near my town of Smolyan, South Bulgaria.


I have listed these pieces in my Etsy handmade and natural forest materials shop and here is the link where you can find them.



And here is my favorite- these brothers and sisters driftwoods are from one same 10 square meter area in the forest. They are like Live Moss Magic Items ! You can wet them two-three times a week and they will bring life to your home for long time to come.

dscn7493-001 dscn7508-001







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