”Deep inside all of us we feel something has gone wrong”- The Legends of ”Exdourn -The Drogarg- Realm”

The Legends of ”Exdourn -The Drogarg- Realm”
”The Fire Maghicaal  divoured some of his flames around and stood with his majestic voice to the crowd:
–  Deep inside all of us we feel something has gone wrong and we are those to figure out what it is and what to do. We shall know and act and the hour will come upon us for sure.”


There has been discovered a terrible book of revalations for a distant realm full of powers, elementals, energies, spirits, magicians, matter, winds, fire, soil, plazma, liquids, particles, giants, ailiens, and all kinds of unbeliavable creatures never heard before in time. 
This Akashik book describing Legends for a wrold called Exdourn -The Drogarg- Realm has beed seeked for billions of years by a an ancient clan of evels, fears and demons that wanted to obtain the Source of the Universe.
A great battle followed betwen the clan and a vast organization of Spirits of pure light matter and other creatures helping them.
Rumors about the Legend and some mysterious notes over the pages of the book speak for the terrible probability that the war between the Evil Clan and the Spirits of Light is ongoing and the consequences of this shall soon reach towards our own destiny.
This letter is being writen by me, Exekrial The Giant King, ruler of the planet Earth during the second half of the first billionth year of our planet’s life. Please urgently and immensely fast deliver this letter to all the living creatures in our solar system.”
ExiArts is honored to release some of the first sneek peaks of our being writen story of an epic world that once existed in our universe.
With this story we want to make you beleive and to assure you that magic and spirit exist and we like to invite you on a journey of changing the world and the way everything is experienced for the better future of our kind.
Our most important message before we tell you this world changing story is to take it easy and start being the change you want to see in the world.
Hold on to your seats as we will shake the imagination of every single one of you trough speaking out our truth and telling our story of an entire realm creation.
At the time of writing this article we listen to this piece of epic music and we are super excited to write this post:

Hristo, Michaela, Nikola, Marto



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