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This is my hand drawn logo for Eco
Eco-friendly production is in the base of my small business! Hello!






My name is Hristo Hvoynev and I am a free lance artist and crafter and I also have online shop in Etsy called ExiArtsEcoCrafts. You may read more about it here:


I was born in a vivid mountain called the Rhodope in South Bulgaria, Europe.

Myself- Hristo

Walking in mountains and exploring it’s paths and forests is fully inspiring. Nature and it’s marvels drives my whole being! Earth has always inspired my imagination and I had oftenly found myself wandering in some fantasy world planet. This is also because I love fantasy arts and movies and all kinds of epic novels, stories, fairy tales and science fiction also. Because fantasy lives in the realm of our imagination!
Somehow mountain environment hightens my adrenaline and makes me feel I am in a fairy fantasy tale! Voila! We suddenly live in the fantasy of our spirits! Isn’t it utter drivine driving force?

Somehow , in 2013 I discovered that I thrilingly enjoy creating something with my hands and especially paper, fabric and natural material crafts. I love the sence of the paper and I also have always been keen on writing and , kind of sketching, on quality made papers and cardstocks.

I also started drawing in a magical february day in 2013, when some spirits inside me drove me to express with ink and pancils some visions from my head.

Later on I wanted to make my own crafts that I wished to draw myself and to find better designs for the different products. I usually like to imagine what exactly is the final look of the item I want to craft according to my inner and outer inspiration throughout the day.

Many times, when I start creating in my artist day, I wish to make a product made of reclaimed natural materials like wood from fallen trees from the forest. Natural materials are always great and fun to craft with and I also explore all different materials-natural ones as well as quality paper and cardstock supplies. I am into researching lot more for crafting other things. I constantly challenge myself.

I imagine my Etsy shop as a Raw Handmade Crafts and Art shop for gifts and creations for my customers.

I make my crafts with passion and care of details and the quality of the handmade finished product. I am developing inovative designs with the materials I prefer to buy from craft stores. I am also introducing my own package wrapping for most of the the crafts I create.

You can expect from me continuous, expanding, variety of arts and crafts, in some cases art embedded with/in crafts or creations enticed with arts.
You never know what can come up in my head šŸ™‚

I may very well, some day, make other future projects outside my crafting and drawing.

Inspired by Etsy.com, all my customers and supporters and my family and friends

Hristo Hvoynev


Sofia, Bulgaria



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