ExiArts & EcoCrafts


I am honored to have you here Art and Craft Fans!
My name is Hristo and we, with ExiArts studio, are here to provide you with the brand that creates exclusively handmade and quality eco-friendly products which are hand crafted with special care to details and designed with the best natural and organic materials. I would love to craft or draw products that I would personalise specilly for you or for your family and friends.


Follow this link and you can find ExiArts crafts and arts :

Let me share my goals for my handmade business:

My most important point in my strategy  is to keep customer service  fast, profesisonal and qiality. I also want to better connect with my fans and customers online.

What I will do for my working environment is to better prepare myself with materials and more instruments for bookbinding and cutting and also make a bit fatser my crafting proccess although I already have a system for this.

I want to start selling more supplies and most importantly more home decors- frames, pencil holders, art decos, bookmarks, wooden decorated boxes and more.

And not on final place I want to make better myself at being an Etsy seller and make whatever I can to best satisfy my customers and fans!

PicMonkey Collagezzz

Every craft that you order will be crafted specially for you and will be unique and one of a kind! All crafts are made to order and you can specify and personilize the features and the colors of all the variations.

I can offer to you my artist heart service and draw or craft for you the best I can possibly do, and also I will make sure that you will have the best service by me:

★ Unique handmade artistic crafts and arts for you or as gifts to your friends or customers.
✄ A big variety of notebooks, journals and gift tags as well as arts, prints and drawings.
☏ Fast and professional service. I try to find my own unique sence of design of my crafts and oftenly embed them with artworks or handwriting.
ツ I always reply promptly and kindly.
✈ Fast, reliable and priority air shipping with tracking number in protective packaging with reused materials (like styrofoam, cardboards) and bubble envelopes. All crafts and arts packed with gift suitable wrappings.

Xoxo! I hope I catch your imagination for some wild and wonderous craftwork? Share your idea and I can tell you if I can make it custom for you and make a special listing!

Thank you!




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